About Chandiwana Memorial Foundation (CMF)

Chandiwana Memorial Foundation (CMF)was founded in 2015 in memory of Chief Phineas Chandiwana and his wife Spiwe Chandiwana a couple whose passion was caring for the poor and vulnerable in society. Chief Chandiwana saw the introduction of ‘Zunde RaMambo’ scheme to feed Widows, orphans and the vulnerable in Masasa. He brought the community together to produce food which was then distributed to widows, orphans and vulnerable people. Spiwe Chandiwana started the Chandiwana scholarship in 2008 with the aim of sending orphans to school. Since 2008 until she passed on in 2014 Spiwe Chandiwana helped more than 30 orphans realise their dream of getting an education at Masasa Primary and Secondary Schools.

At the funeral of Spiwe Chandiwana her children agreed to use her Estate for the benefit of Orphans and vulnerable children hence the decision to launch CMF as a vehicle to continue her work. The family felt that they have a role to play with regards to children especially orphans who are not able to go to school in Masasa and surrounding areas. Having recognised the need amongst disadvantaged children in Masasa coupled with the desire to continue with the work started by their parents particularly in the education of children the family unanimously agreed to launch CMF.

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