What We Do

CMF is working in three different ways to support orphans and vulnerable children

  1. Providing School fees:

The Foundation has continued to pay fees for the orphans who were being supported by Spiwe Chandiwana and has already began to increase the number of beneficiaries. The Foundation is working with the School Heads at Masasa Primary and Secondary Schools to identify and prioritise orphaned children in need of assistance. CMF is also linking with businesses and other prospective employers who may provide apprenticeships and employment opportunities for these children when they complete their education.

To achieve this we NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE to sponsor some of these children. The cost of sponsoring a child’s school fees, uniforms and books is $200 per year. 100% of sponsorship will go directly towards the education and care of children. At least 85% will go into the foundation Care pot, from which each child is fed, clothed and educated. Up to 15% may go towards supporting local schools. (This excludes accommodation costs for Children staying at the memorial village) None is used for International admin.

What will I get?

You will receive a welcome pack with the child’s photo along with their details followed by updates from the Foundation twice per year. You are welcome to write to your child but all such communications should be channelled via the Foundation

  1. Providing Accommodation

We value the need for children to be raised in their own culture, religion and background supported by their extended family. However we realise that this is not always possible as the number of homeless orphans is on the increase in Zimbabwe. CMF will be providing a home for homeless orphans and vulnerable children at Chandiwana Homestead in Masasa, Chivhu, Zimbabwe (the ‘Chandiwana Memorial Village’). Children will be organised around family units with unit mothers recruited from local villages to maintain the children’s culture and religion. The cost of keeping a child at the Chandiwana Memorial Village is $200 per year.

  1. Supporting local schools

As part of supporting the community CMF will be supporting local schools by providing books, computers, school renovations and water. One of the pressing issues for Masasa secondary school is the need for water. The Foundation is already working with Frinton Free Church in the United Kingdom (www.frintonfree.com ) to drill a borehole for the school.

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